There is a difference between  love and true love. Love is conditional. True love isn’t. The sun truly loves you. It gives you life, light, energy and warm without expecting nothing from you. That’s true love, unconditional. 

Now, normal love is conditional. You expect something back. You are interested in some condition, object or idea. That’s not true love. It isn’t bad, but it is attached to suffering. When you look out for love outside from yourself, there is disappointment, suffering, etc. We try to find ourselves in our partner through love. And sometimes we succeed; but most of the time we find the dark side of ourselves with conditional love. We only want to see beauty in our partner, but we don’t want to see ugliness. The thing is that as long as there is darkness in us, we will keep projecting it out. You see the people around you how you are, but we think it’s how they are.  Instead of accepting what is inside of us, we go against it and blame our partner for not being the perfect partner. No body can’t be perfect according to our requirements. Our minds are too demanding. 

Do accept every moment as if you have chosen it. True love is acceptance. Acceptance of this moment; acceptance of being wrong; acceptance of having Demons inside; acceptance of anything “bad” that happens now. To allow without resistance is the key to joy. When you resist, you suffer. When you accept, you love and when you love, there is joy. 

Don’t try to look for love, that’s very difficult. Instead,  Find yourself; and realize that is already within. 


4 thoughts on “Love”

    1. Gracias! Que bueno que te gustó!
      Sí, siempre vivimos proyectando nuestro interior en los demás. Si este interior es puro, pues veremos y trataremos a los demás con mucho amor. Pero si nuestro interior esta sucio, no habrá nada de amor haha

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