The light

I find words very limited to express what I really feel. Many times silence seems to do a better job. Just by being present and aware, that makes a deep connection with all around me, with this very moment. Right now, while I am typing these words, there is an awareness of my body, breath, feelings, the 5 senses, etc. The more I pay attention to myself, the more alive and joyful I feel. That’s what matters in this life; to be alive and joyful. That’s for everyone. If I can do that right now, What am I waiting for? Nothing actually, once I deeply realize this, there is nothing else to wait for. There is just this timeless-everpresent-joyful-state. But then comes the mind and say “but remember that [insert any thought here]”. Nevermind mind and come back to reality, to your joyful and peaceful state; breath, feel, sense, watch, listen, be. Accept and allow. If there is a problem, watch it like a movie, knowing that it has a beginning and an end. Problematic situations are like the clouds; they cover the sun while they are together, but that doesn’t last too much. Life is like that too. Never take life seriously; after all the only thing that matters is if you enjoyed it. We must have fun without harming the others nor ourselfs. 
The world is perfect and imperfect, both at the same time. It is perfect because we can know ourselves through it. All the suffering this world causes you, it is not because of the world, it’s in you. You see it as “bad” and thus it turns “bad”. So it’s perfect to train ourselves to know the “bad” stuffs we have and also learn from ourselves. To reach a point out of temptation of our darkness. Because what you are tempted to do, it is extremely likely you will end up doing it. So we need to go to the root of every psychological defect that causes suffering in us; and that can only be reached with the help of this “evil” world. So that’s why it is perfect. Perfect for you to rise above it. 

Now, let’s be clear, What this world is doing is not even humane anymore. In which logical mind does this idea fits: “I make war in the name of peace”? It is unfathomable, unbelievable to even consider it normal. Not even math has that. Negative plus negative is negative. You make war and you get more war. But let’s not get deep into this world’s problems. What i want to pin point is that world is also imperfect in its current state. You can look at it from any point of view, it is relative. Einstein theory of relativity comes this far, yes. There is no wrong or right. You can chose to blame the world for your state or you can thank it for letting helping you realize your state. But I tell you one very important thing: the first choice cause suffering and the second removes suffering. Suffering could be any form of pain, discomfort, bitterness, resistance, hate, envy, sorrow, stress, worry, etc. If you are in any kind of these type of sufferings, then you have chosen the first choice. And inner pain creates outer pain. So if you are going through any sort of pain, don’t blame the world for being the cause of it, because you are also creating more pain for your human fellows just by carrying that in you. The only way out of pain is by first realizing that it is there, then making a conscious decision to change it. And the fix is simple: you stay present. Presence is to be in the moment, aware of your thoughts, emotions, feelings, sounds, etc. By surrendering to the now and accepting anything as it is, you remove past pain and start creating light, joy and peace. Only light removes darkness. Presence is light. Be full of light and you’ll realize that heaven is not a concept,  heaven is here, now. šŸ™‚ 


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