There is no use in blaming others for what happens to you. If someone offends you, why do you take the time to listen to that? Why do you put your energy, thoughts, emotion against that person? Wouldn’t it be better to just keep doing what you were doing?  There is a core piece in all these problems that we have nowadays. We tend to react to anything. And that is not beneficial at all. We are not characters from a video game that anyone can just control us and make us react how they want. People shouldn’t be controlling your feelings, thoughts, actions. If someone offends you in any way, and you listen to that and feel bad, it’s completely your fault. The offender didn’t do anything bad, in fact you should be thankful that you were in such situation that helps you grow a stronger you. Be thankful instead of reacting negatively. That doesn’t only goes for when someone offends you, it also goes for when you complain about anything. 

Complaining is the same resistance to the present. What you resist, persist. Is that simple. The more you go against it, the more you suffer. So the best solution is to accept it. Accept that is hot. Accept the snow. Accept that headache. Accept that which you complain for so much. Because the more you complain against it, the more you suffer and create a hell in earth. Hell is here, right now. And you are the king of it, the one in control. Heaven is here, right now. And you are in control of it too. So make a decision to whether Donald trump will keep being your subject #1 of complaints, or just forget it and let the storm cease. To be or not to be. You are in control of your decisions, so chose the path which makes you joyful instead of painful. 
 The world is suffering with wars and caos, ok; the only thing you can do for it is to enjoy your life as it is. That is the best example you can give. 

The world is you, realize this. If you change from the inside, the outside changes too. As above so below; as within so without. Take a moment and comprehend that, please. Don’t just agree or disagree, fully analyze and feel what I want to convey. I am sure that understanding all this will bring you more freedom from pain. A pain that we cause to ourselves without even realizing it. The first step out of pain is being aware of it. So I suggest that you watch yourself and spot the situations that provoke you pain, complains, resistance, anger, sorrow, sadness, etc. Once spotted, they will be weaker just because you are aware of them. And the more aware you are, the better. Then you get to the point it doesn’t ever control you. And all this I am saying is something very very simple, is nothing hard to achieve. But if you think it is difficult, it will be. So better think of all this as something very easy to do and simple. Because after all, it is 😀


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