Human beings

In our new society there are almost no “human beings”, there are “human doings”. All that runs in our minds is duty and entertainment. Do, entertain yourself to forget the hard times, and keep doing. And the whole society support this as if it is the true way of life. As if it will free your soul out of all this stressful life, when it does the whole opposite. We rarely just “stop doing” for a moment, even when we go to our beds we start to think about everything we did and what we will do tomorrow (or just random things). We rarely truly rest.

Our interest is to make, control, adquiere, sex, entertain, indulge others to do the same, and so on. It is never to stay peaceful and do nothing. By doing nothing I mean not even paying attention to our minds, just being. But that is unacceptable by today’s hungry minds that only seek for something to feast on. We run from ourselves, we never want to have time alone with our minds. But, what is so bad about it that we keep escaping from it, say, in doing or in entertainment?

Every child born, is going to be forced to study, work for money, so that then they’ll be happy. Then the kid sets a goal and his priorities, which are mostly status and money. Fully believing in what society tells him, he reasons “if everyone says it, then it must be right”. Then the kids sees that for everything he wants, money or status is required. Thus enforcing his believes. So the long quest starts, the journey of ever doing, never being. Doing only that which others have thought it is “right”. Rarely reasoning for himself or making something that truly comes from within.

The only way out of this maze that society has built is… to be aware. Being aware of what you do, what your mind thinks, how your body feels, aware of your surroundings, etc. All this create some quality space and give us some sweet happy present moment. And whenever we are happy about anything, we do it with awareness and love. But if we dislike it we might not be very aware nor present. Thus awareness will bring the space our soul needs. It also helps us being conscious of the traps and fallacies of the world, as there are many things which can only make us feel stressed and uncomfortable.

Dear reader, for your goodness and well-being of your soul, stop doing that which you makes you feel uncomfortable/stressed/bad (however you name it). Stop building more pain by committing to studies you don’t enjoy, hard jobs, unhealthy relationships, etc. Find something you truly enjoy in every aspect of life. If it is in your reach, support others that can’t do what they really want to. Life will pay you back times 10 (but don’t do it for the pay, see for yourself how great it is to help, it’s beautiful). But never advice your children to go after a piece of paper. Tell them instead to enjoy life as much as they can and to help others enjoy it too. Let’s create a heaven on earth starting now 😁


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