Raise your vibrations

Here we mention some cool ways to raise your vibrations. But you may ask, what is that and why should i do it?

Everything vibrates. You are vibrating right now. Everything has vibration, waves and frequency. Nicola Tesla knew this very well.

Spiritually, everything has its level of vibration. Your body is in constant vibration, you can even feel it right now (shake your hands for 5 secs and concentrate on your hands and you will feel it). For example, if you are a person that gets angry a lot, your vibrations will be negative, and thus you will attract the same things to your life: negatively mad vibrations. Also the way you speak, think, behave, feel, etc, are molded by your vibration level. if you want to feel vibrations in your whole body, listen to binaural  beats, and you will feel your body vibrating!
So we want to raise our vibration to get in a state of peace, love and positive values. This gives so much room to “positiveness” in general. But don’t believe me in any of this, try it yourself! Be very aware of it and you will feel much better by doing all these things in listed below. Well, no more talking, let’s go!

This video shows REAL footage of vibrations (cymatics frequencies) in action!

1-The “kingdom of Heaven” is a state of the mind and heart which is fully possessed by ‘God’ or ‘The universe’ or ‘Father.’ When you enter this state, the ‘Father’ is the head of your body/heart and directs everything that you do and all your life. It is a beautiful state, it is love, it is caring for the people as you care for yourself, it is non-judgmental since you accept other people exactly as they are, it is happiness beyond measure, it is health and the fulfillment of every need before you even have it. Follow your excitement, love unconditionally, belief that you are heavenly guided always and like this you enter into the Christ Consciousness. highest vibrations you can achieve in your entire existence.

2-Meditation : Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Pranayamas, Mindful Walking, Mindfulness, etc. These ones are like the “old but good.”

3- Laugh: The best and easiest way to this. This is a very high vibration, always do enjoy it and have a good laugh!  Laugh even about bad jokes (some are so bad they are funny lol) Laugh about your own life drama, don’t take your life seriously! (some bad experiences get funny after some time lol).

4-Curiosity: Who am I, Why am I here, Is this a dream?, Why follow this tradition/belief?, Everything that expands your curiosity and knowledge. Philosophy and spiritual questions mostly.

5-Concentrate in your body’s vibrations: There is the etheric body, and its full of channels, points of energies, and prana!

6-Positives values! Empathy, Charity, Service, Compassion,  Honesty, humbleness, LOVE (this could be friendly, familiar or even sexual!)

7-Sex: Enjoy it according to what you believe. Never feel guilty about anything. Feel good, feel love, feel all the positive emotions that you can feel! whatever thoughts you have during this time (specially in THAT moment) you will attract it to you! so i suggest you to feel/think that which you currently want to attract so much. Or you can just focus in the present moment, up to you!

8-Spend time in nature!!! It does wonders, and more if you go barefoot! Always be conscious of every step, every breath, with love and gratefulness to mother earth!

9-Awareness of your breath, physical body or  your heart! Having a constant awareness of them will bring you a vast amount of peace and joy. At first it might look a bit difficult or not natural, but after a week you are going to do it effortlessly and with pleasure! it really pays off !

10-Exercise! Yes, jump, kick, punch, run, do back-flips and dance! It helps more if you are aware of the inner energy flow.  Concentration and awareness always help 😀

11-Play with kids! the younger they are, the higher that vibration is! Young babies are literally angels. Kids are full of love and fun, enjoy the time with them 😀

12-Tarot, astrology, Crystals and gemstones, sigils, pendulum, Scrying , channeling animals & spirits, element bending, spells, third eye awakening, mudras, etc. Play around with all these. They are very spiritual, and there is a huge world behind all of those things. Go with an open mind and do have fun! Don’t fall into dogma and follow your intuition!

13-Fire gazing. (Majestic. Superb. Just looking at how a flame dances really feels up your soul with inspiration. This is very fun to do. the bigger the flame the better)

14-Do pass time and get along with people (1,2,3) in this vibration level or higher.  Never stay with strongly religious people which will only want you to believe what they want and close your mind to that. Move out of that level. Open that parachute and let the wind take you were you belong. Don’t fall by closing it.

15-Awareness of the present moment. Yes, even aware of this letters like if it was a dejavu.

16-Love. Greatest and highest vibration in this list. It is the one connection that makes realize that we are all part of the same place. When you love there is a realization of self in that. Love everything. From a small plant to a galaxy!

17-Have fun. If you really enjoy doing anything in particular, just do it!  It absolutely raises your vibration!

18- Reading! There are a lot of books out there that help you expand your consciousness tremendously! There are also websites that do this too! They are like sign post, pointing towards immense source of knowledge, your decision to go there or not!

Well those are all for now, any question ask me immediately, i really like to talk about this 😀
Edited on 6/3/2018


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