Degradation of the soul in fear and what fear does

Kye: I see that this is probably the most worst issue that you have on your planet as people that are not willing to not be afraid. It is also an issue within themselves that destroys. So I wish to speak of what the degradation of the soul is in respects to the fear.

Fear is the worst… it is considered as a virus in the soul. What this does to your soul is, it disconnects you from every ability to connect to your soul. Your soul in the non-physical sense is who you are. A larger part of who you are. When this connection is made, fear is the greatest dis-connector of this message throughout. Fear causes all of the other negative emotions. Fear causes greed. Fear causes hatred. Fear causes anger. Directly or indirectly, all of this comes from fear. Most don’t see this connection in this way. So the way I will explain this… when you fear or when you hate someone, you hate them for a specific reason in your mind. You rationalize this to a point that you make yourself believe it, but it is not valid. If you hate someone for the reason that they have done something to you, you do not hate them for this reason. You hate them because you are in fear that they might do this again to you. You are in fear that you will have to experience what has been done to you again. It is not really hate. It is not truly hatred. It is fear in a indirect manner. Every negative emotion that you have you connect to this. For example jealousy; if you are jealous of your spouse, your wife or husband and you say: “I believe that they are cheating on me!”, it is because you are afraid to be without them. You are afraid not to be in their presence or to have them sexually adulterate themselves. This comes from the fear. Greed comes from the very basic lack or fear of  lack, not having anything for yourself! It comes in fear that you will not have the extravagant or the best possible experiences that you can have. This is where it comes from. This issue is one that is high in your society. People who contact through Treb Bor Yit-NE… one of the greatest concerns that he has told us about is through meditation. They cannot take care of meditation in a way that is comfortable to them. It is because of the fear that causes this. Fear of them not being able to do it right. Fear of small things. The fear of small things all the way to large things is not important. If you look at the control system that is setup that is based on fear on your planet… the money system… the government systems sets up the money and makes you afraid that they will run out of it. So that you are under their control. If you break the spheres you break this control to a way. But the fear is what holds you to all of these negative things. Not only control in this way, but a fear of change. They get you to do something in your life in a repetitive fashion and make you afraid to change. These things are set up because they are all fear based. They know that fear can be a powerful controller.

When you give into this fear, you are giving into all the things that give yourself freedoms. These freedoms are important for you to have, because this is the way it is designed. The free will is the way that it works. It is the way that you are supposed to be as a spiritual being and as a physical entity. You should have the right to choose. When you choose to have fear, this limits the rest of your choices in very great ways! The fear that you experience physically will attack, as Tyke Bor Yit-NE had spoken of previously.  The fear issues can break down the body in negative ways. This is where all of the diseases that you have come from, is from fear, even though they have ones that are manufactured. All of these illnesses within your body and the way they react to your body in a negative way is caused from fear. Fear is a disease of the body in a way that one other person had said that it is a dis-ease of the soul and a dis-ease of the body. This is why the body breaks down. You have what you would say ulcers in the stomach. It is from cause of worry. The energy belt around your stomach, the chakra that is within your stomach area… when you get nervous and upset, this is the one that becomes blocked so that all that negative energy is there. It causes the stomach to not react in a proper way to make the holes that go within the stomach, this is the ulcer. It causes heart diseases from the rapid pulsations of the heart because in the chakra is where you love from. If you are stopped from loving because of fear, this interferes with the physical heart itself. All of these fears can be linked. All of the bad issues within the body can linked to fear itself. You can see very many different ways: the strokes, the heart attacks, heart diseases, ulcers. All of these come from fear.

So you ask how will we defeat this fear? What is a way that we can overstep this and move on(?). It is of two ways, it is by understanding and it is by love. When you love, it is an energy that will overcome fear in a physical sense. When your body is not working right, it helps. Understanding is the other way! You must understand that you must take care of your physical self. You must not put bad things into this, and it is not even that foods are bad in the sense of what is bad for your body and not this, it is the intent of the food. Because your belief systems are around unhealthy foods, like sugars, conservatives, the ones who manufacture this say natural is bad. So all of the negative intent of their making foods that are bad for your body. The energy itself goes within the food and then the food enters the body and has negative effects because of your beliefs on this. So you are feeding yourself negativity. Nutrition is not a way of sustaining the body as much as it is showing the body intent of taking in positivity. This is why when you think of positive foods you tend to be healthy. When you think of negative foods, you tend to be sick. This is the reason. It is not the food itself. It is the intent and the energy that is put in this. We manifest our own foods on our planet and we do this out of pure love. We collect what you might think of as collecting the atoms out of physical existence to make this food, and we do this with love. This is what gives us the proper health that we need because we only let love into our body.

So the love is the best overcomer of all the negative effects of the negativity and fear. When you learn to harness this love, it becomes more strong than any energy that you have. This is the greatest way to overcome all issues of fear. When you have someone who is completely living in fear like in paranoia, they tend to also step outside of the boundaries of the now. They tend to see themselves not in today, not in what they are doing now but in what they should be doing or what they should have done in life. So they step outside of the now and now is the natural place to be! This is where love occurs: in the now. You cannot love in the past and you cannot love in the future because you cannot send that emotion there. You can only have memories of love or you can send good intentions into the future. This is why people who are paranoid, who are constantly thinking outside of the now also tend to get physical or spiritual issues because of the fear. It blocks off the ability to have your whole consciousness here with you in the now. When this is done, you take away the full effect that love can have, especially when you are not using it to overcome the fear. The fear is the worst regressive and degrading issue to the physical body and the soul. When you remember that all the body is, is a manifestation of your soul. Those who have imbalances in the body, have imbalances in the soul. This is the way it has to be. This is the way it must work because you create the body with the mind or with the consciousness. Once you learn to harness this love to overcome things you will see. Understanding your race now, better than I ever have, I see that it is very important for you to understand the negativity of fear. If you cannot look at love in a positive sense, then look at fear in the negative sense as you do not want to do this. If this book helps you embrace the way of love and even if you do not want to embrace love for love’s sake. It is still okay to embrace it because you do not want negativity or fear. This is an acceptable way for this path. But it doesn’t matter how you love; it matters IF you love. Love is the best ingredient over the fear. This is what I wish to speak to you or with your people.

-Excerpted from the book “Benevolent Hybrid Reptilian Humans -Rob Gauthier & Jefferson V.”


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