We are creators. To realize this is to make this real (real-ize). If you don’t real-ize this, you won’t act like a creator. You might say, “But what do you mean by saying we are creators?” I mean specifically this: You create it all; these words, your life, this world, good and evil, that recent problem you had, that very awesome moment you had with her/him, etc. EVERYTHING! Now you might say “But that’s not necessarily true, I know I do make some things, but I don’t create all of the things you are saying!” I reply to that: You are just creating that reality.  By Real-izing that what you think is real, hence you created that belief. So how is it exactly that you create everything you experience ? Well very simple. In fact, it’s so simple that you have to become like a child to understand it.

Alright I will tell you, but don’t over analyze it, see its simplicity so that you can grasp this tremendous and beautiful secret of the universe. Alright! Here it comes! Readyyyy, set, goooo!!!!!!! If you think, act and feel something, you get that! You get whatever you ask/think/fear/wonder/question/love/hate. Your mind is making/attracting everything up! And it makes it very real, tangible, palpable and clear! If you think of joy and you start to feel in joy right now, later you will repeat that same feeling (with slightly different changes, but very similar). If you start to pay attention to robbers, fear them, think about them, etc, you will attract robbers into your life! That’s what you are being in that moment, a robber! Not necessarily by robbing someone, but by thinking of it! You become what you think in your mind, so the universe understands you like the experience of it, so it puts you in that level/vibration. So stop judging robbers and concentrate on actually what makes you happy!
Let me phrase it in another way. If you like guitars, you will think about them, feel them, imagine playing, go to where there are guitars, watch videos about them, etc. By law every person that does all this, will get a guitar (if you allow it). Because that person is using the power of his mind, emotions and actions! The three combined will bring that guitar to his hands! For sure!! So the same way goes to unwanted situations like fears!  If you fear something, imagine it, feel it, act about it (by trying  to defend against robbers with a gun, for example), you will bring that which you fear! And the more you believe it, the more faith you have in what you think, the more emotions you give it, the faster it will manifest! It’s the law of attraction! You truly make everything up!

So the truth is simple: You are constantly making your reality, every second by thinking acting and feeling! Now, I suggest that if you want to make the most out of your reality, start acting consciously. Start thinking in being already in that place you want to go. Walk among the streets, smell the air, imagine, live it before living it. That way you will surely get there, even if you don’t think you can (like believing a lot of money is needed to travel.) You don’t always need money to do what you want. Money may appear in a way you’d never expect. Or find that winning  lottery ticket. Or get that huge deal you just saw and book that hotel right away. Universe knows how to bring you what you prefer to experience. But first you must make a choice, and then the universe will work towards your choice! Universe is infinite for real! You can choose to be miserable or wealthy! Anything you want to become you can become! But some realities are farther away or closer from you, so they might require more Think/feel/act than others. But it will come anyways. Have faith in the universe (or you can think of the universe as God – Just don’t think God judges your decisions, he doesn’t judge you).

So there it is, by reading this now you know that you shouldn’t be watching those murdering and sorrow news, nor watching horror movies, nor being to in-touch with people who see the ugly side of life. Or you will attract a lot of this type of things. And if you fear all this stories enough, you are going to live them! (Or if your energy is at least close to that reality, because some people are born with molded energies, each one closer to specific circumstances, but that’s a karma topic).

Now you know how to make money go straight to what you prefer – by just projecting it before it actually happens. You can even remember a moment of joy, feel that feeling for as long as you can. The more you think about it, the more you charge that avalanche ball. Once the ball starts rolling, you will be tremendously joyful. I’ve done it and I do this even to eat delicious plates! Try it with something simple first, and start Real-izing this is true, so that by when you belief this is totally true and possible, you will be much more powerful creator, and conscious! Jesus was so good at this that he could alter matter itself! By just believing, having faith in God (or Universe or All-That-Is).  But you want to start simple, and to read more about Law of attraction to get more points of views.

My final thoughts will be these: Everything can come to you by just Deciding, sticking to your decision and trusting it. Emotions about your decisions fuel them (love, joy, excitement and  gratitude are among the strongest). Actions will accelerate the process even more (if you can not act, do it the way kids do, they pretend they are experiencing it already and mimic the movements). And believing in it won’t put resistance. When you doubt you are putting resistance and slowing the process. Trust! Do whatever it takes to trust that you can do that which you chose to experience, the more you believe it the better. Have faith, because if your goal is positive and loving, then why wouldn’t the universe grant you that? You deserve it! Yes!

Trust your timing, things will fall in place at the very right moment. Work with what’s available now by following your excitement with integrity (treat how you want to be treated). Every moment will build up for a greater excitement (what you want the most). This very moment is what’s best for you to expand consciously, be aware of it and filter it with the most positive mind you can come up with! I’m sure you will find a lot of joy in this moment and in other moments! Love and peace 😀


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