Real and True

Is it true?

The universe is able to hold multiple versions of realities. It is infinite, thus it’s able to do that and much more. So, realize what the word “infinite” means and it will make you realize a lot about this universe. Think about that word for a moment, let your mind wrap around it. You will see that the mind won’t really understand it because the word itself is expressed, and the very act to limit infinity to fit in the mind makes us overlook at its meaning. Understanding infinity would give ground to an open mind, a mind that can accept other truths, other opinions, other ways of looking at reality. Having this kind of mind is positive because you don’t dwell in negative feelings/thoughts; instead you see others opinions as fascinating expressions of this vast universe. You are delighted when you perceive the formless having a form, it is all beautiful and true. In fact, creation is so awesome that there is room for its other part to exist and be valid.

So, what is real, truly? What is truth? Everything is true and real. Every reality is valid. You choose which reality you tune into. There are some truths that are very far from this current reality (e.g. You being extremely strong or wealthy). You can identify that as a lie and not real (e.g. you actually not being wealthy nor strong now), but you can also focus on it so much that you can actually experience it. This works also for extreme things like transforming into a different being with four arms. That would surely take a Jesus-like level, however possible. Everything has room to exist; everything has room to be true. And when you have faith in what you believe, you start to elicit proofs of that new belief. You start to attract that reality into you. And it will come faster if you believe in it and have big positive emotions about it. When you know something, it is simply believing strongly. Because even what you know can become a belief and later something you don’t see as true anymore. So don’t let that science’s knowledge stops you from achieving that which you truly believe to be real and true, because it is! It could be close to you or far from you, but it exist! Your mind is like an antenna, it tunes into different realities, like channels. So to change the mind is to switch channel and not trying to manipulate the current reality. Think about it, feel it, smell it, taste it, dream it; the more the better. And very soon you will start seeing that as true and real! But it really depends on how relevant to your reality that other reality in which you want to tune into is.

Do follow your heart and believe in what you feel. If you feel it, if you feel good about it, then it is very true. Align yourself to what you want. Choose to experience that which excites you the most. Fear will only disconnect you from yourself; do not focus in fear, focus in your truths and follow that with all your heart. It will lead you to the right path, always. But when you resist, thinking you are doing it wrong, being afraid, minding what people would think, etc, you miss-align and start to suffer. You can choose to not suffer at any given moment by simply aligning with what is true for you. So do follow yourself; do choose to experience that which benefits all as a whole and make us grow in love and peace. Do choose unconditional love to everyone. A truly wonderful world exist right here if you focus on it. Peace becomes true when you tap into peace by not judging wars, violence or murder. Judging will pull you back to that which you judge. That is the way the universe will make you see it as real, by always bringing you to the situations in which you can judge. But when you focus on another truths, the universe will align you with these truths!! It is this simple, it always was and will be!

So what should I believe, if all truth are valid? I’ll show you one of many beautiful ways of seeing life, if you allow me.

There is nothing that I cannot be, do or have. I am limitless; I am part of the universe and the universe is expressing itself through me. Thus, I do what I truly want to experience. I allow everyone to become what they want even if I do not prefer that, because I know that if I go against them I will be calling these situations into my reality. So I look at everyone with respect and in an unconditionally loving way. For I know that love brings me so much content and joy that I choose to embody love as much as possible. What I do depicts what I believe, thus my actions are always an expression of what I am. If in any given moment I feel something isn’t as I prefer to, I do not blame myself nor others, I just switch to a new preferred belief in which it brings joy/fun/love to everyone. I know that life is now (and not tomorrow nor yesterday) thus I am delighted with each breath I take. The sole concentration of how my body feels, fills me up with positive-high-vibrations which increase my awareness and quality of life. The most important part of life is to enjoy it, thus I prefer to do that which brings the most joy, without looking at fear nor what others will think about me. For I know that fear is only a dis-connector of who I am and only brings dis-eases (illnesses) to my body. And I love my body and I take care of it as much as my mind is aware, for I know that what I believe about my body will affect it. So I choose to believe positive things about the food I give my body. I choose to think positive affirmations to strengthen, change or heal myself, because I know that whatever I think, I manifest. I prefer to lead my life and not have my life be lead by fear, for I know that the only way out of fear is unconditional love (and not fighting against fear). I choose to not pay attention to negativity for I know that when I focus on it I am opening doors for it to come, thus I pick my thoughts carefully and fuel them with the most beautiful emotions I am able to feel. I imagine and dream big, for I know that this universe has it all, so there is room for everyone to have everything they want. I know I deserve all I want, and everyone too.

Life is abundant, marvelous, impressive, joyous, jubilant, peaceful, pleasant, lovely, charming, nurturing, fun, interesting, amazing, miraculous, giving, beautiful, healthy, enlightening and perfect! I love every being, every thing, every cell and every atom! I feel how unconditional-universal love is passing through my brain, bloodstream, nervous system, skin and air in my lungs. Unconditional love is the life of life! Thank you so much, life that is source of everything, for filling me up with beautiful and powering energies. Which allow me to enjoy life to the fullest and create with much love and joy, for the best of all. Thank you a zillion of times for everything I have, for the air I breath, for the nutrients I get everyday. Thank you for expanding my consciousness always, which help me to be aware of other realities, dimensions, densities, universes, beings, and much more! My most sincere thanks for all! Now I feel so happy šŸ˜Š


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