There is no use in blaming others for what happens to you. If someone offends you, why do you take the time to listen to that? Why do you put your energy, thoughts, emotion against that person? Wouldn’t it be better to just keep doing what you were doing?  There is a core piece in […]


The yin-yang symbol speaks by only looking at it: there is light in darkness and vice-versa. Every evil/bad thing has a positive part. It can be very insignificant but there is still a little piece of light in it. Darkness and light are brothers; they are the two faces of the same coin.  One must […]

The light

I find words very limited to express what I really feel. Many times silence seems to do a better job. Just by being present and aware, that makes a deep connection with all around me, with this very moment. Right now, while I am typing these words, there is an awareness of my body, breath, […]


There is a difference between  love and true love. Love is conditional. True love isn’t. The sun truly loves you. It gives you life, light, energy and warm without expecting nothing from you. That’s true love, unconditional.  Now, normal love is conditional. You expect something back. You are interested in some condition, object or idea. […]


Hagas lo que hagas entrega todo tu ser diviértete, disfrútalo, vívelo deja a un lado tu mente y agarra tu corazón  Hagas lo que hagas mira hacia adelante sigue tu camino propio síguete a ti mismo Hagas lo que hagas hazlo sin miedo  y si te da miedo pues llévalo contigo, pero hazlo Hagas lo que hagas actua […]

Lista de aprendizajes aleatorios #1

1- Todo pensamiento es pasado. Uno mira el presente con una mente del pasado, por ende tiende a ver una versión distorsionada del presente, si se piensa en este. Lo mejor es no pensar, vivirlo. 2- Siempre criticamos al prójimo. Pueda ser que sea rico y sin problemas, y como quiera hablamos mal de este. […]

Haz lo que en verdad quieres

Existen muchas cadenas, barreras, creencias, negatividad, tradiciones, expectativas, etc, sobre quien eres y que debes hacer. Te dicen, “Hey, tu eres joven debes estudiar y ser profesional para conseguir un buen empleo y ganaras dinero y luego así estarás bien“. Hoy me di cuenta que no hay mentira mas grande que esa, porque en verdad […]