Raise your vibrations

Here we mention some cool ways to raise your vibrations. But you may ask, what is that and why should i do it?

Everything vibrates. You are vibrating right now. Everything has vibration, waves and frequency. Nicola Tesla knew this very well.

Spiritually, everything has its level of vibration. Your body is in constant vibration, you can even feel it right now (shake your hands for 5 secs and concentrate on your hands and you will feel it). For example, if you are a person that gets angry a lot, your vibrations will be negative, and thus you will attract the same things to your life: negatively mad vibrations. Also the way you speak, think, behave, feel, etc, are molded by your vibration level. if you want to feel vibrations in your whole body, listen to binaural  beats, and you will feel your body vibrating!
So we want to raise our vibration to get in a state of peace, love and positive values. This gives so much room to “positiveness” in general. But don’t believe me in any of this, try it yourself! Be very aware of it and you will feel much better by doing all these things in listed below. Well, no more talking, let’s go!

This video shows REAL footage of vibrations (cymatics frequencies) in action!

1-Music in the 432hz frequency: For example Beethoven (my favorite), Mozart, Schubert. Don’t listen to music in 440hz (440hz is the most common frequency, example Heavy metal – STAY AWAY FROM IT lol).

2-Meditation : Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Pranayamas, Mindful Walking, Mindfulness, etc.

3- Laugh: The best and easiest way to this. This is a very high vibration, always do enjoy it and have a good laugh!  Laugh even about bad jokes (some are so bad they are funny lol) Laugh about your own life drama, don’t take your life seriously! (some bad experiences get funny after some time lol).

4-Curiosity: Who am I, Why am I here, Is this a dream?, Why follow this tradition/belief?, Everything that expands your curiosity and knowledge. Philosophy and spiritual questions mostly.

5-Concentrate in your body’s vibrations: There is the etheric body, and its full of channels, points of energies, and prana!

6-Positives values! Empathy, Charity, Service, Compassion,  Honesty, humbleness, LOVE (this could be friendly, familiar or even sexual!)

7-Sex: Don’t do it for pleasure and just to satisfy your own body cravings, but because you love that person, there are a lot of emotions, feelings and positive values towards that person. Giving without waiting for something in return. Truly make that person feel loved. Be one again. (ojo: Ejaculating never helps, it is just a waste of the energies. I recommend to raise the energy upwards, towards the brain, feeling how that energy goes all the way up through your spine, till it reaches your brain. orgasm is a no no, waste of sublime energies too!)

8-Spend time in nature!!! It does wonders, and more if you go barefoot! Always be conscious of every step, every breath, with love and gratefulness to mother earth!

9-Awareness of your breath, physical body or  your heart! Having a constant awareness of them will bring you a vast amount of peace and joy. At first it might look a bit difficult or not natural, but after a week you are going to do it effortlessly and with pleasure! it really pays off !

10-Exercise! Yes, jump, kick, punch, run, do back-flips and dance! It helps more if you are aware of the inner energy flow.  Concentration and awareness always help 😀

11-Play with kids! the younger they are, the higher that vibration is! Young babies are literally angels. Kids are full of love and fun, enjoy the time with them 😀

12-Tarot, astrology, Crystals and gemstones, sigils, pendulum, Scrying , channeling animals & spirits, element bending, spells, third eye awakening, mudras, etc. Play around with all these. They are very spiritual, and there is a huge world behind all of those things. Go with an open mind and do have fun! Don’t fall into dogma and follow your intuition!

13-Fire gazing. (Majestic. Superb. Just looking at how a flame dances really feels up your soul with inspiration. This is very fun to do. the bigger the flame the better)

14-Do pass time and get along with people (1,2,3) in this vibration level or higher.  Never stay with strongly religious people which will only want you to believe what they want and close your mind to that. Move out of that level. Open that parachute and let the wind take you were you belong. Don’t fall by closing it.

15-Awareness of the present moment. Yes, even aware of this letters like if it was a dejavu.

16-Love. Greatest and highest vibration in this list. It is the one connection that makes realize that we are all part of the same place. When you love there is a realization of self in that. Love everything. From a small plant to a galaxy!

17-Have fun. If you really enjoy doing anything in particular, just do it!  It absolutely raises your vibration!

18- Reading! There are a lot of books out there that help you expand your consciousness tremendously! There are also websites that do this too! They are like sign post, pointing towards immense source of knowledge, your decision to go there or not!

Well those are all for now, any question ask me immediately, i really like to talk about this 😀


Human beings

In our new society there are almost no “human beings”, there are “human doings”. All that runs in our minds is duty and entertainment. Do, entertain yourself to forget the hard times, and keep doing. And the whole society support this as if it is the true way of life. As if it will free your soul out of all this stressful life, when it does the whole opposite. We rarely just “stop doing” for a moment, even when we go to our beds we start to think about everything we did and what we will do tomorrow (or just random things). We rarely truly rest.

Our interest is to make, control, adquiere, sex, entertain, indulge others to do the same, and so on. It is never to stay peaceful and do nothing. By doing nothing I mean not even paying attention to our minds, just being. But that is unacceptable by today’s hungry minds that only seek for something to feast on. We run from ourselves, we never want to have time alone with our minds. But, what is so bad about it that we keep escaping from it, say, in doing or in entertainment?

Every child born, is going to be forced to study, work for money, so that then they’ll be happy. Then the kid sets a goal and his priorities, which are mostly status and money. Fully believing in what society tells him, he reasons “if everyone says it, then it must be right”. Then the kids sees that for everything he wants, money or status is required. Thus enforcing his believes. So the long quest starts, the journey of ever doing, never being. Doing only that which others have thought it is “right”. Rarely reasoning for himself or making something that truly comes from within.

The only way out of this maze that society has built is… to be aware. Being aware of what you do, what your mind thinks, how your body feels, aware of your surroundings, etc. All this create some quality space and give us some sweet happy present moment. And whenever we are happy about anything, we do it with awareness and love. But if we dislike it we might not be very aware nor present. Thus awareness will bring the space our soul needs. It also helps us being conscious of the traps and fallacies of the world, as there are many things which can only make us feel stressed and uncomfortable.

Dear reader, for your goodness and well-being of your soul, stop doing that which you makes you feel uncomfortable/stressed/bad (however you name it). Stop building more pain by committing to studies you don’t enjoy, hard jobs, unhealthy relationships, etc. Find something you truly enjoy in every aspect of life. If it is in your reach, support others that can’t do what they really want to. Life will pay you back times 10 (but don’t do it for the pay, see for yourself how great it is to help, it’s beautiful). But never advice your children to go after a piece of paper. Tell them instead to enjoy life as much as they can and to help others enjoy it too. Let’s create a heaven on earth starting now 😁


There is no use in blaming others for what happens to you. If someone offends you, why do you take the time to listen to that? Why do you put your energy, thoughts, emotion against that person? Wouldn’t it be better to just keep doing what you were doing?  There is a core piece in all these problems that we have nowadays. We tend to react to anything. And that is not beneficial at all. We are not characters from a video game that anyone can just control us and make us react how they want. People shouldn’t be controlling your feelings, thoughts, actions. If someone offends you in any way, and you listen to that and feel bad, it’s completely your fault. The offender didn’t do anything bad, in fact you should be thankful that you were in such situation that helps you grow a stronger you. Be thankful instead of reacting negatively. That doesn’t only goes for when someone offends you, it also goes for when you complain about anything. 

Complaining is the same resistance to the present. What you resist, persist. Is that simple. The more you go against it, the more you suffer. So the best solution is to accept it. Accept that is hot. Accept the snow. Accept that headache. Accept that which you complain for so much. Because the more you complain against it, the more you suffer and create a hell in earth. Hell is here, right now. And you are the king of it, the one in control. Heaven is here, right now. And you are in control of it too. So make a decision to whether Donald trump will keep being your subject #1 of complaints, or just forget it and let the storm cease. To be or not to be. You are in control of your decisions, so chose the path which makes you joyful instead of painful. 
 The world is suffering with wars and caos, ok; the only thing you can do for it is to enjoy your life as it is. That is the best example you can give. 

The world is you, realize this. If you change from the inside, the outside changes too. As above so below; as within so without. Take a moment and comprehend that, please. Don’t just agree or disagree, fully analyze and feel what I want to convey. I am sure that understanding all this will bring you more freedom from pain. A pain that we cause to ourselves without even realizing it. The first step out of pain is being aware of it. So I suggest that you watch yourself and spot the situations that provoke you pain, complains, resistance, anger, sorrow, sadness, etc. Once spotted, they will be weaker just because you are aware of them. And the more aware you are, the better. Then you get to the point it doesn’t ever control you. And all this I am saying is something very very simple, is nothing hard to achieve. But if you think it is difficult, it will be. So better think of all this as something very easy to do and simple. Because after all, it is 😀


The yin-yang symbol speaks by only looking at it: there is light in darkness and vice-versa. Every evil/bad thing has a positive part. It can be very insignificant but there is still a little piece of light in it. Darkness and light are brothers; they are the two faces of the same coin. 

One must be in the middle of the balance, if we want to be above good and evil, yin-yang, light and darkness. To be in any side of the balance is not very productive, for the reason that we become unbalanced. This doesn’t mean that harming others would be right. Nor that giving food to poor people is wrong. Every action has an effect, and the effect of harming others is a lot of suffering. Likewise if you help the ones in need, it has a very positive effect on your life, as if life is paying you back more than what you lend. If you start being servicial right now, it wouldn’t take long for you to see the positive results. And exactly the same law applies if you start doing “evil” things; you start to experience problems, and tons. But my point is that, weather you are in any side of the balance, if you are not aware, you are a victim of the circumstances. One must be aware, above those laws. Why, you ask? Humanity  is going through a evolutionary learning. One of our main purpose is to raise above good and evil, to take control of ourselves. If we don’t come to that point, we might end up destroying the world (or even other planets) or we might Doble/triple the amount of suffering there already is in this planet. And the latter leads to destruction of the planet by our own hands. Every path leads to the same conclusion: death. What ever is born must die. Death and birth are like good and evil, they are 2 sides of the same coin. And you must rise above that too. What words should I use to make you realize that you are humanity itself? Or to tell you that you don’t really die, death is more of an illusion? Or that you are not your mind? Or that you are me, in essence?  There is no way I could make you see that. You can only realize that yourself. But as long as we remain in this game of good and evil, light-darkness, we won’t move any further. We only submerge deeper and deeper into it.

Dont blame the darkness, don’t blame whoever does something evil. See it as a normal evolutionary process that that individual is going through. That same evilness is collectively good for our souls. It is like being writen into our consciousness, that way we have knowledge of good and evil. Because in the beginning we were like innocent kids, we didn’t know any of that. But something I don’t know happened and made us walk over this road. And while we are at it, we should at least be aware of what we do. Because that’s the point; to create awareness of good and evil. Please dear reader, be aware, conscious of what you do. Fully. Rise above all this political games, religious games, racial, national, etc. All of that is a type of division: divide and conquer, that’s how people roll nowadays. They divide you into small groups and then control you. Get out of it. You just only need to stop giving your energy to that. There is always a way out of everything and you know it deep inside. But if you are happy where you are right now, if that makes you feel whole, keep doing that. It will be harmful for you to stop doing something you love. But please be aware, present in every action you take. That is the only way out of darkness. 

The light

I find words very limited to express what I really feel. Many times silence seems to do a better job. Just by being present and aware, that makes a deep connection with all around me, with this very moment. Right now, while I am typing these words, there is an awareness of my body, breath, feelings, the 5 senses, etc. The more I pay attention to myself, the more alive and joyful I feel. That’s what matters in this life; to be alive and joyful. That’s for everyone. If I can do that right now, What am I waiting for? Nothing actually, once I deeply realize this, there is nothing else to wait for. There is just this timeless-everpresent-joyful-state. But then comes the mind and say “but remember that [insert any thought here]”. Nevermind mind and come back to reality, to your joyful and peaceful state; breath, feel, sense, watch, listen, be. Accept and allow. If there is a problem, watch it like a movie, knowing that it has a beginning and an end. Problematic situations are like the clouds; they cover the sun while they are together, but that doesn’t last too much. Life is like that too. Never take life seriously; after all the only thing that matters is if you enjoyed it. We must have fun without harming the others nor ourselfs. 
The world is perfect and imperfect, both at the same time. It is perfect because we can know ourselves through it. All the suffering this world causes you, it is not because of the world, it’s in you. You see it as “bad” and thus it turns “bad”. So it’s perfect to train ourselves to know the “bad” stuffs we have and also learn from ourselves. To reach a point out of temptation of our darkness. Because what you are tempted to do, it is extremely likely you will end up doing it. So we need to go to the root of every psychological defect that causes suffering in us; and that can only be reached with the help of this “evil” world. So that’s why it is perfect. Perfect for you to rise above it. 

Now, let’s be clear, What this world is doing is not even humane anymore. In which logical mind does this idea fits: “I make war in the name of peace”? It is unfathomable, unbelievable to even consider it normal. Not even math has that. Negative plus negative is negative. You make war and you get more war. But let’s not get deep into this world’s problems. What i want to pin point is that world is also imperfect in its current state. You can look at it from any point of view, it is relative. Einstein theory of relativity comes this far, yes. There is no wrong or right. You can chose to blame the world for your state or you can thank it for letting helping you realize your state. But I tell you one very important thing: the first choice cause suffering and the second removes suffering. Suffering could be any form of pain, discomfort, bitterness, resistance, hate, envy, sorrow, stress, worry, etc. If you are in any kind of these type of sufferings, then you have chosen the first choice. And inner pain creates outer pain. So if you are going through any sort of pain, don’t blame the world for being the cause of it, because you are also creating more pain for your human fellows just by carrying that in you. The only way out of pain is by first realizing that it is there, then making a conscious decision to change it. And the fix is simple: you stay present. Presence is to be in the moment, aware of your thoughts, emotions, feelings, sounds, etc. By surrendering to the now and accepting anything as it is, you remove past pain and start creating light, joy and peace. Only light removes darkness. Presence is light. Be full of light and you’ll realize that heaven is not a concept,  heaven is here, now. 🙂 


There is a difference between  love and true love. Love is conditional. True love isn’t. The sun truly loves you. It gives you life, light, energy and warm without expecting nothing from you. That’s true love, unconditional. 

Now, normal love is conditional. You expect something back. You are interested in some condition, object or idea. That’s not true love. It isn’t bad, but it is attached to suffering. When you look out for love outside from yourself, there is disappointment, suffering, etc. We try to find ourselves in our partner through love. And sometimes we succeed; but most of the time we find the dark side of ourselves with conditional love. We only want to see beauty in our partner, but we don’t want to see ugliness. The thing is that as long as there is darkness in us, we will keep projecting it out. You see the people around you how you are, but we think it’s how they are.  Instead of accepting what is inside of us, we go against it and blame our partner for not being the perfect partner. No body can’t be perfect according to our requirements. Our minds are too demanding. 

Do accept every moment as if you have chosen it. True love is acceptance. Acceptance of this moment; acceptance of being wrong; acceptance of having Demons inside; acceptance of anything “bad” that happens now. To allow without resistance is the key to joy. When you resist, you suffer. When you accept, you love and when you love, there is joy. 

Don’t try to look for love, that’s very difficult. Instead,  Find yourself; and realize that is already within. 


Hagas lo que hagas

entrega todo tu ser

diviértete, disfrútalo, vívelo

deja a un lado tu mente

y agarra tu corazón 

Hagas lo que hagas

mira hacia adelante

sigue tu camino propio

síguete a ti mismo

Hagas lo que hagas

hazlo sin miedo 

y si te da miedo

pues llévalo contigo, pero hazlo

Hagas lo que hagas






enciende la llama que hay dentro de ti, ahora… hazlo ahora.