Real and True

Is it true?

The universe is able to hold multiple versions of realities. It is infinite, thus it’s able to do that and much more. So, realize what the word “infinite” means and it will make you realize a lot about this universe. Think about that word for a moment, let your mind wrap around it. You will see that the mind won’t really understand it because the word itself is expressed, and the very act to limit infinity to fit in the mind makes us overlook at its meaning. Understanding infinity would give ground to an open mind, a mind that can accept other truths, other opinions, other ways of looking at reality. Having this kind of mind is positive because you don’t dwell in negative feelings/thoughts; instead you see others opinions as fascinating expressions of this vast universe. You are delighted when you perceive the formless having a form, it is all beautiful and true. In fact, creation is so awesome that there is room for its other part to exist and be valid.

So, what is real, truly? What is truth? Everything is true and real. Every reality is valid. You choose which reality you tune into. There are some truths that are very far from this current reality (e.g. You being extremely strong or wealthy). You can identify that as a lie and not real (e.g. you actually not being wealthy nor strong now), but you can also focus on it so much that you can actually experience it. This works also for extreme things like transforming into a different being with four arms. That would surely take a Jesus-like level, however possible. Everything has room to exist; everything has room to be true. And when you have faith in what you believe, you start to elicit proofs of that new belief. You start to attract that reality into you. And it will come faster if you believe in it and have big positive emotions about it. When you know something, it is simply believing strongly. Because even what you know can become a belief and later something you don’t see as true anymore. So don’t let that science’s knowledge stops you from achieving that which you truly believe to be real and true, because it is! It could be close to you or far from you, but it exist! Your mind is like an antenna, it tunes into different realities, like channels. So to change the mind is to switch channel and not trying to manipulate the current reality. Think about it, feel it, smell it, taste it, dream it; the more the better. And very soon you will start seeing that as true and real! But it really depends on how relevant to your reality that other reality in which you want to tune into is.

Do follow your heart and believe in what you feel. If you feel it, if you feel good about it, then it is very true. Align yourself to what you want. Choose to experience that which excites you the most. Fear will only disconnect you from yourself; do not focus in fear, focus in your truths and follow that with all your heart. It will lead you to the right path, always. But when you resist, thinking you are doing it wrong, being afraid, minding what people would think, etc, you miss-align and start to suffer. You can choose to not suffer at any given moment by simply aligning with what is true for you. So do follow yourself; do choose to experience that which benefits all as a whole and make us grow in love and peace. Do choose unconditional love to everyone. A truly wonderful world exist right here if you focus on it. Peace becomes true when you tap into peace by not judging wars, violence or murder. Judging will pull you back to that which you judge. That is the way the universe will make you see it as real, by always bringing you to the situations in which you can judge. But when you focus on another truths, the universe will align you with these truths!! It is this simple, it always was and will be!

So what should I believe, if all truth are valid? I’ll show you one of many beautiful ways of seeing life, if you allow me.

There is nothing that I cannot be, do or have. I am limitless; I am part of the universe and the universe is expressing itself through me. Thus, I do what I truly want to experience. I allow everyone to become what they want even if I do not prefer that, because I know that if I go against them I will be calling these situations into my reality. So I look at everyone with respect and in an unconditionally loving way. For I know that love brings me so much content and joy that I choose to embody love as much as possible. What I do depicts what I believe, thus my actions are always an expression of what I am. If in any given moment I feel something isn’t as I prefer to, I do not blame myself nor others, I just switch to a new preferred belief in which it brings joy/fun/love to everyone. I know that life is now (and not tomorrow nor yesterday) thus I am delighted with each breath I take. The sole concentration of how my body feels, fills me up with positive-high-vibrations which increase my awareness and quality of life. The most important part of life is to enjoy it, thus I prefer to do that which brings the most joy, without looking at fear nor what others will think about me. For I know that fear is only a dis-connector of who I am and only brings dis-eases (illnesses) to my body. And I love my body and I take care of it as much as my mind is aware, for I know that what I believe about my body will affect it. So I choose to believe positive things about the food I give my body. I choose to think positive affirmations to strengthen, change or heal myself, because I know that whatever I think, I manifest. I prefer to lead my life and not have my life be lead by fear, for I know that the only way out of fear is unconditional love (and not fighting against fear). I choose to not pay attention to negativity for I know that when I focus on it I am opening doors for it to come, thus I pick my thoughts carefully and fuel them with the most beautiful emotions I am able to feel. I imagine and dream big, for I know that this universe has it all, so there is room for everyone to have everything they want. I know I deserve all I want, and everyone too.

Life is abundant, marvelous, impressive, joyous, jubilant, peaceful, pleasant, lovely, charming, nurturing, fun, interesting, amazing, miraculous, giving, beautiful, healthy, enlightening and perfect! I love every being, every thing, every cell and every atom! I feel how unconditional-universal love is passing through my brain, bloodstream, nervous system, skin and air in my lungs. Unconditional love is the life of life! Thank you so much, life that is source of everything, for filling me up with beautiful and powering energies. Which allow me to enjoy life to the fullest and create with much love and joy, for the best of all. Thank you a zillion of times for everything I have, for the air I breath, for the nutrients I get everyday. Thank you for expanding my consciousness always, which help me to be aware of other realities, dimensions, densities, universes, beings, and much more! My most sincere thanks for all! Now I feel so happy 😊


We are creators. To realize this is to make this real (real-ize). If you don’t real-ize this, you won’t act like a creator. You might say, “But what do you mean by saying we are creators?” I mean specifically this: You create it all; these words, your life, this world, good and evil, that recent problem you had, that very awesome moment you had with her/him, etc. EVERYTHING! Now you might say “But that’s not necessarily true, I know I do make some things, but I don’t create all of the things you are saying!” I reply to that: You are just creating that reality.  By Real-izing that what you think is real, hence you created that belief. So how is it exactly that you create everything you experience ? Well very simple. In fact, it’s so simple that you have to become like a child to understand it.

Alright I will tell you, but don’t over analyze it, see its simplicity so that you can grasp this tremendous and beautiful secret of the universe. Alright! Here it comes! Readyyyy, set, goooo!!!!!!! If you think, act and feel something, you get that! You get whatever you ask/think/fear/wonder/question/love/hate. Your mind is making/attracting everything up! And it makes it very real, tangible, palpable and clear! If you think of joy and you start to feel in joy right now, later you will repeat that same feeling (with slightly different changes, but very similar). If you start to pay attention to robbers, fear them, think about them, etc, you will attract robbers into your life! That’s what you are being in that moment, a robber! Not necessarily by robbing someone, but by thinking of it! You become what you think in your mind, so the universe understands you like the experience of it, so it puts you in that level/vibration. So stop judging robbers and concentrate on actually what makes you happy!
Let me phrase it in another way. If you like guitars, you will think about them, feel them, imagine playing, go to where there are guitars, watch videos about them, etc. By law every person that does all this, will get a guitar (if you allow it). Because that person is using the power of his mind, emotions and actions! The three combined will bring that guitar to his hands! For sure!! So the same way goes to unwanted situations like fears!  If you fear something, imagine it, feel it, act about it (by trying  to defend against robbers with a gun, for example), you will bring that which you fear! And the more you believe it, the more faith you have in what you think, the more emotions you give it, the faster it will manifest! It’s the law of attraction! You truly make everything up!

So the truth is simple: You are constantly making your reality, every second by thinking acting and feeling! Now, I suggest that if you want to make the most out of your reality, start acting consciously. Start thinking in being already in that place you want to go. Walk among the streets, smell the air, imagine, live it before living it. That way you will surely get there, even if you don’t think you can (like believing a lot of money is needed to travel.) You don’t always need money to do what you want. Money may appear in a way you’d never expect. Or find that winning  lottery ticket. Or get that huge deal you just saw and book that hotel right away. Universe knows how to bring you what you prefer to experience. But first you must make a choice, and then the universe will work towards your choice! Universe is infinite for real! You can choose to be miserable or wealthy! Anything you want to become you can become! But some realities are farther away or closer from you, so they might require more Think/feel/act than others. But it will come anyways. Have faith in the universe (or you can think of the universe as God – Just don’t think God judges your decisions, he doesn’t judge you).

So there it is, by reading this now you know that you shouldn’t be watching those murdering and sorrow news, nor watching horror movies, nor being to in-touch with people who see the ugly side of life. Or you will attract a lot of this type of things. And if you fear all this stories enough, you are going to live them! (Or if your energy is at least close to that reality, because some people are born with molded energies, each one closer to specific circumstances, but that’s a karma topic).

Now you know how to make money go straight to what you prefer – by just projecting it before it actually happens. You can even remember a moment of joy, feel that feeling for as long as you can. The more you think about it, the more you charge that avalanche ball. Once the ball starts rolling, you will be tremendously joyful. I’ve done it and I do this even to eat delicious plates! Try it with something simple first, and start Real-izing this is true, so that by when you belief this is totally true and possible, you will be much more powerful creator, and conscious! Jesus was so good at this that he could alter matter itself! By just believing, having faith in God (or Universe or All-That-Is).  But you want to start simple, and to read more about Law of attraction to get more points of views.

My final thoughts will be these: Everything can come to you by just Deciding, sticking to your decision and trusting it. Emotions about your decisions fuel them (love, joy, excitement and  gratitude are among the strongest). Actions will accelerate the process even more (if you can not act, do it the way kids do, they pretend they are experiencing it already and mimic the movements). And believing in it won’t put resistance. When you doubt you are putting resistance and slowing the process. Trust! Do whatever it takes to trust that you can do that which you chose to experience, the more you believe it the better. Have faith, because if your goal is positive and loving, then why wouldn’t the universe grant you that? You deserve it! Yes!

Trust your timing, things will fall in place at the very right moment. Work with what’s available now by following your excitement with integrity (treat how you want to be treated). Every moment will build up for a greater excitement (what you want the most). This very moment is what’s best for you to expand consciously, be aware of it and filter it with the most positive mind you can come up with! I’m sure you will find a lot of joy in this moment and in other moments! Love and peace 😀

Degradation of the soul in fear and what fear does

Kye: I see that this is probably the most worst issue that you have on your planet as people that are not willing to not be afraid. It is also an issue within themselves that destroys. So I wish to speak of what the degradation of the soul is in respects to the fear.

Fear is the worst… it is considered as a virus in the soul. What this does to your soul is, it disconnects you from every ability to connect to your soul. Your soul in the non-physical sense is who you are. A larger part of who you are. When this connection is made, fear is the greatest dis-connector of this message throughout. Fear causes all of the other negative emotions. Fear causes greed. Fear causes hatred. Fear causes anger. Directly or indirectly, all of this comes from fear. Most don’t see this connection in this way. So the way I will explain this… when you fear or when you hate someone, you hate them for a specific reason in your mind. You rationalize this to a point that you make yourself believe it, but it is not valid. If you hate someone for the reason that they have done something to you, you do not hate them for this reason. You hate them because you are in fear that they might do this again to you. You are in fear that you will have to experience what has been done to you again. It is not really hate. It is not truly hatred. It is fear in a indirect manner. Every negative emotion that you have you connect to this. For example jealousy; if you are jealous of your spouse, your wife or husband and you say: “I believe that they are cheating on me!”, it is because you are afraid to be without them. You are afraid not to be in their presence or to have them sexually adulterate themselves. This comes from the fear. Greed comes from the very basic lack or fear of  lack, not having anything for yourself! It comes in fear that you will not have the extravagant or the best possible experiences that you can have. This is where it comes from. This issue is one that is high in your society. People who contact through Treb Bor Yit-NE… one of the greatest concerns that he has told us about is through meditation. They cannot take care of meditation in a way that is comfortable to them. It is because of the fear that causes this. Fear of them not being able to do it right. Fear of small things. The fear of small things all the way to large things is not important. If you look at the control system that is setup that is based on fear on your planet… the money system… the government systems sets up the money and makes you afraid that they will run out of it. So that you are under their control. If you break the spheres you break this control to a way. But the fear is what holds you to all of these negative things. Not only control in this way, but a fear of change. They get you to do something in your life in a repetitive fashion and make you afraid to change. These things are set up because they are all fear based. They know that fear can be a powerful controller.

When you give into this fear, you are giving into all the things that give yourself freedoms. These freedoms are important for you to have, because this is the way it is designed. The free will is the way that it works. It is the way that you are supposed to be as a spiritual being and as a physical entity. You should have the right to choose. When you choose to have fear, this limits the rest of your choices in very great ways! The fear that you experience physically will attack, as Tyke Bor Yit-NE had spoken of previously.  The fear issues can break down the body in negative ways. This is where all of the diseases that you have come from, is from fear, even though they have ones that are manufactured. All of these illnesses within your body and the way they react to your body in a negative way is caused from fear. Fear is a disease of the body in a way that one other person had said that it is a dis-ease of the soul and a dis-ease of the body. This is why the body breaks down. You have what you would say ulcers in the stomach. It is from cause of worry. The energy belt around your stomach, the chakra that is within your stomach area… when you get nervous and upset, this is the one that becomes blocked so that all that negative energy is there. It causes the stomach to not react in a proper way to make the holes that go within the stomach, this is the ulcer. It causes heart diseases from the rapid pulsations of the heart because in the chakra is where you love from. If you are stopped from loving because of fear, this interferes with the physical heart itself. All of these fears can be linked. All of the bad issues within the body can linked to fear itself. You can see very many different ways: the strokes, the heart attacks, heart diseases, ulcers. All of these come from fear.

So you ask how will we defeat this fear? What is a way that we can overstep this and move on(?). It is of two ways, it is by understanding and it is by love. When you love, it is an energy that will overcome fear in a physical sense. When your body is not working right, it helps. Understanding is the other way! You must understand that you must take care of your physical self. You must not put bad things into this, and it is not even that foods are bad in the sense of what is bad for your body and not this, it is the intent of the food. Because your belief systems are around unhealthy foods, like sugars, conservatives, the ones who manufacture this say natural is bad. So all of the negative intent of their making foods that are bad for your body. The energy itself goes within the food and then the food enters the body and has negative effects because of your beliefs on this. So you are feeding yourself negativity. Nutrition is not a way of sustaining the body as much as it is showing the body intent of taking in positivity. This is why when you think of positive foods you tend to be healthy. When you think of negative foods, you tend to be sick. This is the reason. It is not the food itself. It is the intent and the energy that is put in this. We manifest our own foods on our planet and we do this out of pure love. We collect what you might think of as collecting the atoms out of physical existence to make this food, and we do this with love. This is what gives us the proper health that we need because we only let love into our body.

So the love is the best overcomer of all the negative effects of the negativity and fear. When you learn to harness this love, it becomes more strong than any energy that you have. This is the greatest way to overcome all issues of fear. When you have someone who is completely living in fear like in paranoia, they tend to also step outside of the boundaries of the now. They tend to see themselves not in today, not in what they are doing now but in what they should be doing or what they should have done in life. So they step outside of the now and now is the natural place to be! This is where love occurs: in the now. You cannot love in the past and you cannot love in the future because you cannot send that emotion there. You can only have memories of love or you can send good intentions into the future. This is why people who are paranoid, who are constantly thinking outside of the now also tend to get physical or spiritual issues because of the fear. It blocks off the ability to have your whole consciousness here with you in the now. When this is done, you take away the full effect that love can have, especially when you are not using it to overcome the fear. The fear is the worst regressive and degrading issue to the physical body and the soul. When you remember that all the body is, is a manifestation of your soul. Those who have imbalances in the body, have imbalances in the soul. This is the way it has to be. This is the way it must work because you create the body with the mind or with the consciousness. Once you learn to harness this love to overcome things you will see. Understanding your race now, better than I ever have, I see that it is very important for you to understand the negativity of fear. If you cannot look at love in a positive sense, then look at fear in the negative sense as you do not want to do this. If this book helps you embrace the way of love and even if you do not want to embrace love for love’s sake. It is still okay to embrace it because you do not want negativity or fear. This is an acceptable way for this path. But it doesn’t matter how you love; it matters IF you love. Love is the best ingredient over the fear. This is what I wish to speak to you or with your people.

-Excerpted from the book “Benevolent Hybrid Reptilian Humans -Rob Gauthier & Jefferson V.”

Raise your vibrations

Here we mention some cool ways to raise your vibrations. But you may ask, what is that and why should i do it?

Everything vibrates. You are vibrating right now. Everything has vibration, waves and frequency. Nicola Tesla knew this very well.

Spiritually, everything has its level of vibration. Your body is in constant vibration, you can even feel it right now (shake your hands for 5 secs and concentrate on your hands and you will feel it). For example, if you are a person that gets angry a lot, your vibrations will be negative, and thus you will attract the same things to your life: negatively mad vibrations. Also the way you speak, think, behave, feel, etc, are molded by your vibration level. if you want to feel vibrations in your whole body, listen to binaural  beats, and you will feel your body vibrating!
So we want to raise our vibration to get in a state of peace, love and positive values. This gives so much room to “positiveness” in general. But don’t believe me in any of this, try it yourself! Be very aware of it and you will feel much better by doing all these things in listed below. Well, no more talking, let’s go!

This video shows REAL footage of vibrations (cymatics frequencies) in action!

1-The “kingdom of Heaven” is a state of the mind and heart which is fully possessed by ‘God’ or ‘The universe’ or ‘Father.’ When you enter this state, the ‘Father’ is the head of your body/heart and directs everything that you do and all your life. It is a beautiful state, it is love, it is caring for the people as you care for yourself, it is non-judgmental since you accept other people exactly as they are, it is happiness beyond measure, it is health and the fulfillment of every need before you even have it. Follow your excitement, love unconditionally, belief that you are heavenly guided always and like this you enter into the Christ Consciousness. highest vibrations you can achieve in your entire existence.

2-Meditation : Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Pranayamas, Mindful Walking, Mindfulness, etc. These ones are like the “old but good.”

3- Laugh: The best and easiest way to this. This is a very high vibration, always do enjoy it and have a good laugh!  Laugh even about bad jokes (some are so bad they are funny lol) Laugh about your own life drama, don’t take your life seriously! (some bad experiences get funny after some time lol).

4-Curiosity: Who am I, Why am I here, Is this a dream?, Why follow this tradition/belief?, Everything that expands your curiosity and knowledge. Philosophy and spiritual questions mostly.

5-Concentrate in your body’s vibrations: There is the etheric body, and its full of channels, points of energies, and prana!

6-Positives values! Empathy, Charity, Service, Compassion,  Honesty, humbleness, LOVE (this could be friendly, familiar or even sexual!)

7-Sex: Enjoy it according to what you believe. Never feel guilty about anything. Feel good, feel love, feel all the positive emotions that you can feel! whatever thoughts you have during this time (specially in THAT moment) you will attract it to you! so i suggest you to feel/think that which you currently want to attract so much. Or you can just focus in the present moment, up to you!

8-Spend time in nature!!! It does wonders, and more if you go barefoot! Always be conscious of every step, every breath, with love and gratefulness to mother earth!

9-Awareness of your breath, physical body or  your heart! Having a constant awareness of them will bring you a vast amount of peace and joy. At first it might look a bit difficult or not natural, but after a week you are going to do it effortlessly and with pleasure! it really pays off !

10-Exercise! Yes, jump, kick, punch, run, do back-flips and dance! It helps more if you are aware of the inner energy flow.  Concentration and awareness always help 😀

11-Play with kids! the younger they are, the higher that vibration is! Young babies are literally angels. Kids are full of love and fun, enjoy the time with them 😀

12-Tarot, astrology, Crystals and gemstones, sigils, pendulum, Scrying , channeling animals & spirits, element bending, spells, third eye awakening, mudras, etc. Play around with all these. They are very spiritual, and there is a huge world behind all of those things. Go with an open mind and do have fun! Don’t fall into dogma and follow your intuition!

13-Fire gazing. (Majestic. Superb. Just looking at how a flame dances really feels up your soul with inspiration. This is very fun to do. the bigger the flame the better)

14-Do pass time and get along with people (1,2,3) in this vibration level or higher.  Never stay with strongly religious people which will only want you to believe what they want and close your mind to that. Move out of that level. Open that parachute and let the wind take you were you belong. Don’t fall by closing it.

15-Awareness of the present moment. Yes, even aware of this letters like if it was a dejavu.

16-Love. Greatest and highest vibration in this list. It is the one connection that makes realize that we are all part of the same place. When you love there is a realization of self in that. Love everything. From a small plant to a galaxy!

17-Have fun. If you really enjoy doing anything in particular, just do it!  It absolutely raises your vibration!

18- Reading! There are a lot of books out there that help you expand your consciousness tremendously! There are also websites that do this too! They are like sign post, pointing towards immense source of knowledge, your decision to go there or not!

Well those are all for now, any question ask me immediately, i really like to talk about this 😀
Edited on 6/3/2018

Human beings

In our new society there are almost no “human beings”, there are “human doings”. All that runs in our minds is duty and entertainment. Do, entertain yourself to forget the hard times, and keep doing. And the whole society support this as if it is the true way of life. As if it will free your soul out of all this stressful life, when it does the whole opposite. We rarely just “stop doing” for a moment, even when we go to our beds we start to think about everything we did and what we will do tomorrow (or just random things). We rarely truly rest.

Our interest is to make, control, adquiere, sex, entertain, indulge others to do the same, and so on. It is never to stay peaceful and do nothing. By doing nothing I mean not even paying attention to our minds, just being. But that is unacceptable by today’s hungry minds that only seek for something to feast on. We run from ourselves, we never want to have time alone with our minds. But, what is so bad about it that we keep escaping from it, say, in doing or in entertainment?

Every child born, is going to be forced to study, work for money, so that then they’ll be happy. Then the kid sets a goal and his priorities, which are mostly status and money. Fully believing in what society tells him, he reasons “if everyone says it, then it must be right”. Then the kids sees that for everything he wants, money or status is required. Thus enforcing his believes. So the long quest starts, the journey of ever doing, never being. Doing only that which others have thought it is “right”. Rarely reasoning for himself or making something that truly comes from within.

The only way out of this maze that society has built is… to be aware. Being aware of what you do, what your mind thinks, how your body feels, aware of your surroundings, etc. All this create some quality space and give us some sweet happy present moment. And whenever we are happy about anything, we do it with awareness and love. But if we dislike it we might not be very aware nor present. Thus awareness will bring the space our soul needs. It also helps us being conscious of the traps and fallacies of the world, as there are many things which can only make us feel stressed and uncomfortable.

Dear reader, for your goodness and well-being of your soul, stop doing that which you makes you feel uncomfortable/stressed/bad (however you name it). Stop building more pain by committing to studies you don’t enjoy, hard jobs, unhealthy relationships, etc. Find something you truly enjoy in every aspect of life. If it is in your reach, support others that can’t do what they really want to. Life will pay you back times 10 (but don’t do it for the pay, see for yourself how great it is to help, it’s beautiful). But never advice your children to go after a piece of paper. Tell them instead to enjoy life as much as they can and to help others enjoy it too. Let’s create a heaven on earth starting now 😁


There is no use in blaming others for what happens to you. If someone offends you, why do you take the time to listen to that? Why do you put your energy, thoughts, emotion against that person? Wouldn’t it be better to just keep doing what you were doing?  There is a core piece in all these problems that we have nowadays. We tend to react to anything. And that is not beneficial at all. We are not characters from a video game that anyone can just control us and make us react how they want. People shouldn’t be controlling your feelings, thoughts, actions. If someone offends you in any way, and you listen to that and feel bad, it’s completely your fault. The offender didn’t do anything bad, in fact you should be thankful that you were in such situation that helps you grow a stronger you. Be thankful instead of reacting negatively. That doesn’t only goes for when someone offends you, it also goes for when you complain about anything. 

Complaining is the same resistance to the present. What you resist, persist. Is that simple. The more you go against it, the more you suffer. So the best solution is to accept it. Accept that is hot. Accept the snow. Accept that headache. Accept that which you complain for so much. Because the more you complain against it, the more you suffer and create a hell in earth. Hell is here, right now. And you are the king of it, the one in control. Heaven is here, right now. And you are in control of it too. So make a decision to whether Donald trump will keep being your subject #1 of complaints, or just forget it and let the storm cease. To be or not to be. You are in control of your decisions, so chose the path which makes you joyful instead of painful. 
 The world is suffering with wars and caos, ok; the only thing you can do for it is to enjoy your life as it is. That is the best example you can give. 

The world is you, realize this. If you change from the inside, the outside changes too. As above so below; as within so without. Take a moment and comprehend that, please. Don’t just agree or disagree, fully analyze and feel what I want to convey. I am sure that understanding all this will bring you more freedom from pain. A pain that we cause to ourselves without even realizing it. The first step out of pain is being aware of it. So I suggest that you watch yourself and spot the situations that provoke you pain, complains, resistance, anger, sorrow, sadness, etc. Once spotted, they will be weaker just because you are aware of them. And the more aware you are, the better. Then you get to the point it doesn’t ever control you. And all this I am saying is something very very simple, is nothing hard to achieve. But if you think it is difficult, it will be. So better think of all this as something very easy to do and simple. Because after all, it is 😀

The light

I find words very limited to express what I really feel. Many times silence seems to do a better job. Just by being present and aware, that makes a deep connection with all around me, with this very moment. Right now, while I am typing these words, there is an awareness of my body, breath, feelings, the 5 senses, etc. The more I pay attention to myself, the more alive and joyful I feel. That’s what matters in this life; to be alive and joyful. That’s for everyone. If I can do that right now, What am I waiting for? Nothing actually, once I deeply realize this, there is nothing else to wait for. There is just this timeless-everpresent-joyful-state. But then comes the mind and say “but remember that [insert any thought here]”. Nevermind mind and come back to reality, to your joyful and peaceful state; breath, feel, sense, watch, listen, be. Accept and allow. If there is a problem, watch it like a movie, knowing that it has a beginning and an end. Problematic situations are like the clouds; they cover the sun while they are together, but that doesn’t last too much. Life is like that too. Never take life seriously; after all the only thing that matters is if you enjoyed it. We must have fun without harming the others nor ourselfs. 
The world is perfect and imperfect, both at the same time. It is perfect because we can know ourselves through it. All the suffering this world causes you, it is not because of the world, it’s in you. You see it as “bad” and thus it turns “bad”. So it’s perfect to train ourselves to know the “bad” stuffs we have and also learn from ourselves. To reach a point out of temptation of our darkness. Because what you are tempted to do, it is extremely likely you will end up doing it. So we need to go to the root of every psychological defect that causes suffering in us; and that can only be reached with the help of this “evil” world. So that’s why it is perfect. Perfect for you to rise above it. 

Now, let’s be clear, What this world is doing is not even humane anymore. In which logical mind does this idea fits: “I make war in the name of peace”? It is unfathomable, unbelievable to even consider it normal. Not even math has that. Negative plus negative is negative. You make war and you get more war. But let’s not get deep into this world’s problems. What i want to pin point is that world is also imperfect in its current state. You can look at it from any point of view, it is relative. Einstein theory of relativity comes this far, yes. There is no wrong or right. You can chose to blame the world for your state or you can thank it for letting helping you realize your state. But I tell you one very important thing: the first choice cause suffering and the second removes suffering. Suffering could be any form of pain, discomfort, bitterness, resistance, hate, envy, sorrow, stress, worry, etc. If you are in any kind of these type of sufferings, then you have chosen the first choice. And inner pain creates outer pain. So if you are going through any sort of pain, don’t blame the world for being the cause of it, because you are also creating more pain for your human fellows just by carrying that in you. The only way out of pain is by first realizing that it is there, then making a conscious decision to change it. And the fix is simple: you stay present. Presence is to be in the moment, aware of your thoughts, emotions, feelings, sounds, etc. By surrendering to the now and accepting anything as it is, you remove past pain and start creating light, joy and peace. Only light removes darkness. Presence is light. Be full of light and you’ll realize that heaven is not a concept,  heaven is here, now. 🙂 


There is a difference between  love and true love. Love is conditional. True love isn’t. The sun truly loves you. It gives you life, light, energy and warm without expecting nothing from you. That’s true love, unconditional. 

Now, normal love is conditional. You expect something back. You are interested in some condition, object or idea. That’s not true love. It isn’t bad, but it is attached to suffering. When you look out for love outside from yourself, there is disappointment, suffering, etc. We try to find ourselves in our partner through love. And sometimes we succeed; but most of the time we find the dark side of ourselves with conditional love. We only want to see beauty in our partner, but we don’t want to see ugliness. The thing is that as long as there is darkness in us, we will keep projecting it out. You see the people around you how you are, but we think it’s how they are.  Instead of accepting what is inside of us, we go against it and blame our partner for not being the perfect partner. No body can’t be perfect according to our requirements. Our minds are too demanding. 

Do accept every moment as if you have chosen it. True love is acceptance. Acceptance of this moment; acceptance of being wrong; acceptance of having Demons inside; acceptance of anything “bad” that happens now. To allow without resistance is the key to joy. When you resist, you suffer. When you accept, you love and when you love, there is joy. 

Don’t try to look for love, that’s very difficult. Instead,  Find yourself; and realize that is already within. 


Hagas lo que hagas

entrega todo tu ser

diviĂ©rtete, disfrĂștalo, vĂ­velo

deja a un lado tu mente

y agarra tu corazĂłn 

Hagas lo que hagas

mira hacia adelante

sigue tu camino propio

sĂ­guete a ti mismo

Hagas lo que hagas

hazlo sin miedo 

y si te da miedo

pues llĂ©valo contigo, pero hazlo

Hagas lo que hagas






enciende la llama que hay dentro de ti, ahora… hazlo ahora.

Lista de aprendizajes aleatorios #1

1- Todo pensamiento es pasado. Uno mira el presente con una mente del pasado, por ende tiende a ver una versiĂłn distorsionada del presente, si se piensa en este. Lo mejor es no pensar, vivirlo.

2- Siempre criticamos al prójimo. Pueda ser que sea rico y sin problemas, y como quiera hablamos mal de este. O pueda ser pobre y feliz, pero todavía no se escapa de nuestra mente criticadora. Si cree en Dios o cree en nada, también le cabe un poco mas de critica.

3- Nos identificamos demasiado con el concepto de la “familia.” En verdad, es un acto violento el que hacemos cuando nos identificamos con familia, deportes, nacionalidades, sexo, etc. “Soy hombre! Por eso soy de esta manera!” o “Eres Americano! Somos diferentes!” son pensamientos violentos (usando el verdadero significado de la palabra).

4- Somos seres espirituales, teniendo una experiencia humana. No alverez. Pensamos que esta vida es 1 y tenemos que gozarla, pero nuestras acciones demuestran lo contrario.  En verdad la vida es infinita y tenemos que ser conscientes de ella, hĂĄgase lo que se haga, lo importante es estar completamente presente en todo lo que hacemos. Eres un ser inquebrantable, la muerte no te mata, te transforma. Puedes hacer esa transformaciĂłn mientras vives, no hay que esperar que la naturaleza nos force a hacerlo. Una de nuestras misiĂłn, como seres espirituales que somos, es morir… psicolĂłgicamente. Entonces la muerte fĂ­sica no sera dolorosa… ni tampoco una gran cosa.

5- Creemos ciegamente en todo lo que dice la ciencia (mĂ©dicos, cientĂ­ficos, etc). Y no deberĂ­amos creer en nada que dice nadie, hay que vivenciar e investigar las cosas uno mismo. No es cuestiĂłn de que sea verdad o no, porque la verdad no puede ser pensada. la verdad es este mismo instante, sin pasado ni futuro. Por ende, cualquier cosa que diga otra, no es la verdad. Las palabras apuntan hacia un punto pero no son el Ășnico camino de llegar ahĂ­. Cuando un cientĂ­fico dice: “Hay que beber X cantidad de agua al dĂ­a para estar saludable.”, todo el mundo lo cree asĂ­ y lo ve como “cierto” y lo sigue ciegamente. Esto es un error grave que hacemos, porque cada uno somos diferentes. Ademas, que lo que la mente cree que es verdad, en cierta forma se materializa asĂ­. La mente es muy poderosa y puede hacer muchos “milagros” solo con creer en algo muy profundamente. Nosotros mismos que nos creemos que lo que dicen los mĂ©dicos es verdad, lo hacemos real en nosotros y por eso es que dependemos tanto de la medicina hoy en dĂ­a.

6 – No debemos mantener un “yo” en lo que sabemos. Casi siempre tenemos la costumbre de identificarnos con lo que hablamos y creemos que ese “soy yo” y por ende no debo cambiar esa manera de pensar. En verdad, deberĂ­amos estar dispuesto a cambiar cada ideologĂ­a que tengamos, sin identificarnos con estas. No todo lo que hablamos es verdad, ni tampoco todo lo que creemos debe ser correcto. La mente es como un paracaĂ­das; solo funciona si esta abierta. Si nos encerramos en el “YO” no estamos usando nuestra mente, ella nos usa a nosotros.